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This Should Work Well

Smoking banned in public housing nationwide, effective today

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) now prohibits the use of cigarettes, cigars and pipes in all public housing units and common areas, as well as any outdoor areas up to 25 feet from public housing and administrative office buildings. The ban does not apply to e-cigarettes, snuff and chewing tobacco, although there may be restrictions on those in some areas. Continue reading


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How Petty Are They?

Really petty.

Out in Left Field: DNC Refuses to Play RNC in Time-Honored Softball Game

Despite being a time-honored tradition going back many years, the DNC is refusing to play the RNC at this year’s annual softball game.
RNC sources tell The Daily Caller that they were “stunned” when Democrats abruptly pulled out of the good-natured game between leadership and staffers at opposing political organizations. Continue reading


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Calypso Louie Can’t Get No Love

First, Obama sycophant Susan Rice gets a seat on the Board of Netflix.
Then, Obamas get millions to produce leftist garbage for broadcast.
Netflix had planned to air a puff piece on vicious anti-semitic Louis Farrakhan, but decided against it.
Netflix won’t air documentary on controversial Louis Farrakhan after ‘internal miscommunication.’
“Internal miscommunication”: We’ve already lost more than a million subscribers since we signed the Obamas. When you’re in a hole, stop digging. Continue reading


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CNN Suffers from 3rd Degree Butthurt

This is bad, and it’s alarming that people dislike the media this much. On the other hand, I do wish media orgs were remotely self-reflective about why they’re so disliked and tried to address it instead of acting so defensive.
Jim Acosta Assured Wolf, “CNN is NOT Fake News” Continue reading


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Trump Takes Tampa; CNN Hardest Hit

President Trump held a wild and raucous rally yesterday for Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis. As usual, the press would not allow viewers to see exactly how massive the crowd was, but they showed their contempt for the media whores in no uncertain terms.

Trump Holds Florida Rally
“We believe that only American citizens should vote in American elections,” Trump says. “Which is why the time has come for Voter ID.”

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