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Bits & Bytes

RECORD SALES: Dems announced a boycott of IN-N-OUT after learning the company had donated 25K to the Republican Party. The burger joint enjoyed record sales as Republicans flocked to support them.

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With a Silk Rope

Grannyism: Some people would gripe if you hung them with a silk rope.
Now comes jaded NFL star, Odell Beckham Jr., griping about feeling like a zoo animal.

There’s nothing like watching coddled, multi-millionaire professional athletes sitting around whining about how they are oppressed because of the color of their skin, but New York Giant star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. took it to a whole other level when he compared himself to a zoo animal. Continue reading

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Mocking the Faith

Every time Pelosi babbles about “her Catholic values” or such other blasphemy, she cheapens the most precious thing in the life of the redeemed.

Pelosi: ‘I Pray a Lot’ for Defeat of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination

“I believe in the power of prayer and I think it is urgent,” Pelosi said at an August 22 event sponsored by the Public Policy Institute of California.
She was responding to a question from someone in the audience who asked: “Speaking of women’s rights, can we stop Kavanaugh and how?”

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Bits & Bytes

MASCOT UPDATE: Marine Two broke the three pound mark! Plus two ounces! And the two elder Buzz-kids are getting ready to start school.

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They Eat Their Own

There was a debate last night between New York Governor Cuomo and actress Cynthia Nixon in the gubernatorial primary. The debate quickly degenerated into a rhetorical food fight. There are a number of short videos, but space restrictions prevents posting them all.
This is from a CBS news report. Take it for what it’s worth.


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Trump’s Lasting Legacy

While the Democrats posture of Kavanaugh’s nomination, a slew of judges are being confirmed without much fanfare. These judges will make a difference for years to come.

Former Hillary Spox: Senate Dems brought “a butter knife to a gunfight” over judicial confirmations
Deal cut to fast track 15 more federal judges, so vulnerable Democrat Senators could go home to campaign. Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Californicate

Los Angeles Renames Rodeo Road To ‘Obama Boulevard’

The final approval for the motion was granted on the 10th anniversary of the day former President Barack Obama was named the first African-American nominee for president by a major political party.


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How They Operate

Ron De Santis won the Republican primary Tuesday and the media whores immediately misquoted him to make it look like a racial attack on his opponent. Continue reading

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The Real McCain

There will be all manner of glowing tributes and gushing praise (mostly from his friends the Democrats.) Even in death he remains the bitter, vindictive man he was in life.
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This Really Steams My Clams

Benghazi II: Chinese Hacked Hillary Server, Killed 12 CIA Sources While Server Was at Clinton Residence
The Chinese got nearly all her e-mails because her server was so easy to hack.
In other words, an American secretary of state who felt entitled to work on her own amateurish computer system had exposed all of her correspondence to one of the country’s most powerful and dangerous rivals in world affairs.
And it’s very possible that at least 12 operatives serving United States intelligence agencies paid for Clinton’s security breach with their lives.

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