You Can Now Criticize Them…Gently

Jake Tapper calls Obama out for partying with Beyonce while the Democratic Party’s in shambles.
Not supposed to be dancing when Trump is destroying the world but Obama fans wouldn’t allow it and attacked.

Barack Obama has eschewed real work his entire life. In school he hung out with his friends and got high. He got into Columbia and Harvard as a foreign student (from Kenya.) He rarely attended meetings in the state senate, rarely voted other than ‘present,’ so he could not be tied down to a firm opinion and spent the bulk of his presidency partying, vacationing, and playing golf. He continues to live a hedonistic lifestyle on someone else’s dime. But now that he’s no longer in power the sycophants have acknowledged he’s just an irresponsible juvenile.
The CNN host included the link for the HuffPost report which was captioned: “The Obama were spotted dancing to “N***as in Paris” at Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s show on Saturday. ”

The Obamas “are living their best life,” one fan tweeted.


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3 responses to “You Can Now Criticize Them…Gently

  1. Obama “rarely voted other than ‘present’”…

    Late-term and live-birth abortions – he was heartily against banning those. Whether he ever voted other than ‘present’ on anything else, I don’t recall.


    • Pistol Pete

      yes he did. He voted against our states version of BAIPA three times.His rationale: the mother didn’t want the kid anyway,so why bother saving it if it survives the abortion attempt?


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