Jughead and Plughead Do Lunch

Obama and Biden Spotted Having Lunch at a D.C. Bakery
Former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were spotted together shopping for goodies at a bakery in Washington, D.C., on Monday. Their surprise stop at Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown led to a frenzy among onlookers, all trying to take photos with the political superstars.
Uncle Joe looks a little confused here.
This is the guy that’s gonna send Trump packing in 2020?
I don’t think so….



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2 responses to “Jughead and Plughead Do Lunch

  1. ForHisGlory52

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  2. rednig

    Smokin’ Joe Biden (where did he hide the crack pipe this time?) and Barak ‘Opioid’ Obama (AKA BO) together again, oh my. Will they go on another world comedy tour, making the world laugh at the US? Tell me, why is is the DNC only chooses airheads to run for political office? Because they obey, I suppose, and are easily bribed and blackmailed. BTW: I tried to post on Yahoo about them, but was cut off.