Not Only No, But H**l No!

Rudy Giuliani: Deal to have Trump sit down with Robert Mueller could happen next week

If Giuliani allows that rabid hyena Robert Mueller anywhere near the president he’s doing the entire country a disservice. Trump has a habit of shooting from the lip and it only takes one tiny slip or misspoken word and this political assassin will come up with an excuse to indict him, no matter how flimsy.

“We would like to see it limited to some specific questions about the heart of the probe — the Russian alleged collusion. We think that those questions could be answered quickly. We think two hours. They probably think four. So let’s settle at three. That’s the way you do a negotiation in good faith in this area. They have been in good faith,” he said at the time.

Democrats DO NOT deal in good faith. They do anything they can get away with (which is everything) to win.
NO. NO. NO. NO!!!


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Trump to Americans: “You Are the Ones” vs. Obama’s “We Are the Ones”
    I show you this not to glorify Trump, but because it shows him repeating the phrase “You are the ones,” as in, “You are the ones that are making American great again.” Which seems to me to be a conscious effort to contrast with Barack Obama’s famously self-glorifying, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

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  2. Pistol Pete

    Giuliani: Cohen-Trump tape was cut, erased


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