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2018_06 Red Wave

HOUSE 2018: President Trump’s campaign committee is transferring money to 100 Republican candidates in House and Senate races. Democrats need to win 2 seats in the Senate and 24 seats in the House to gain the majority.

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American steel is back

Scott Poyner prepares the front yard of his lifelong Granite City, Illinois, home. “I wish I was off work tomorrow so I could sit here and take a picture of the President rolling in front of my house,” he said.

2018_07 25 Trump motorcade route

“Hiding in plain sight in a suburb of St. Louis is one of the great success stories of President Donald J. Trump’s tough trade policies. This is the rebirth of the Granite City steelworks, idled in 2015 — along with about 2,000 steelworkers — under a drowning flood of subsidized foreign imports.” –National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro Continue reading

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Stupid and Dishonest

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MASCOTS: Saying good-bye

Yesterday afternoon, they left their home town and today are enjoying a one-day cruise to see glaciers and wildlife. On, Saturday they say “so-long, can’t wait to come back” to the state that has been their happy home for six years.

Bunny has been very verbal about her anxieties and sadness. Mama helped her pick out an Alaska bracelet to help her with those feelings. Buzz’s autism makes it very hard for him to express himself and Bootz still doesn’t have enough language to say how he’s feeling either. The boyz comforted each other in the hotel.

Bridge crossing: You can see the Alaska Pipeline to the left.

0726181846 bridge pipeline

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