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FAKE NEWS:  MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow made an unjustified claim that the White House altered a video of the Putin press conference. She said, “It is a form of information warfare and it is being waged against us.” Hours after the no-friend-to-Trump Washington Post busted her for pushing a fake news story, CNN’s Media Analyst Brian Stelter pushed the fake news story. Red Steeze notes, “Brian will watch Fox News all day long looking for even the most minute discrepancies in reporting but then quotes Rachel Maddow at will, doesn’t correct her and doesn’t correct himself.”

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KARMA: Some twit destroyed Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. The good news is that it’s not Trump’s responsibility to pay for the damages. THAT privilege belongs to a Hollywood group. And it ain’t cheap. The star itself costs $3,000, plus there’s the cost of taking up and replacing the square of sidewalk it’s in.

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