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The Rest of the Story

Once upon a time, a university professor spoke out against political correctness. Student activists organized against him. They encouraged students to boycott his classes. They disrupted his lectures, shouting him down, threatening him and denigrating him. He was forced to give up his academic chair.

He said he was helpless “against the murderous bellowing of youngsters who accept no individual responsibilities but pose as spokesman for a group or an impersonal ideal, always talking in the royal ‘we’ while hurling personal insults … and claiming that everything is happening in the name of what’s true, good and beautiful.”

Sound familiar?

2018_07 26 Antifa

Here’s the rest of the story.

This happened in Germany in 1925.

The student activists were Hitler Youth.



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Bits & More Bytes

NOT TIRED OF WINNING: On Wednesday, President Trump won another major victory, as the European Union delegation meeting with him agreed to significant concessions to avoid a trade war.

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Stupid Virtue Signaling

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Bits & Bytes

MUST WATCH: The Strzok-Page texts reveal Obama LIED, “full stop, period.”

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Fun with Extra SCOBYs

Kombucha needs Camellia sinensis to be properly nourished.

That means black, green, white, and/or oolong teas. Flavored teas, such as Earl Gray, Red Zinger or Chai, often contain antipbacterial essential oils that may damage the kombucha culture, so avoid using them for your main brew. Strongly smokey teas such as Lapsang Souchong, while they won’t technically damage the culture, are not considered a good flavor match by most brewers.

SCOBYs grow baby SCOBYs.

In the past, I’ve puréed the extras in water and fed them to the garden. But I just tried brewing a batch of kombucha with herbal teas. It’s so delicious! Continue reading

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2018_07 25 TDS media by Varvel

FAKE NEWS:  MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow made an unjustified claim that the White House altered a video of the Putin press conference. She said, “It is a form of information warfare and it is being waged against us.” Hours after the no-friend-to-Trump Washington Post busted her for pushing a fake news story, CNN’s Media Analyst Brian Stelter pushed the fake news story. Red Steeze notes, “Brian will watch Fox News all day long looking for even the most minute discrepancies in reporting but then quotes Rachel Maddow at will, doesn’t correct her and doesn’t correct himself.”

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Dearest and I watched this last night. We were riveted throughout and very satisfied with the ending. I don’t know how closely it follows the true story of this trial, but as entertainment, it’s excellent.

2018_07 26 MOVIE Denial

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The Idea All Along

Anybody with a brain knows Democrats can’t win a fair fight.  Democrats’ latest election strategy? They aim to win by allowing non-citizens to vote.

In San Francisco, immigrants who are in the country illegally are now eligible to register and vote in school board elections. Of course, this is clearly illegal under the California Constitution.

Article II, Section 2 of the California Constitution says: “A United States citizen 18 years of age and resident in this State may vote.”

After all, the long-range plans Democrats have for a ruling majority depend on continuous law-breaking to get enough non-Americans to vote. The Californians who don’t support the radical views of Democrats can simply be eclipsed by non-citizen voters supporting the Democrats.

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One of My Greatest Fears

Quinnipiac Poll: House Democrats Are Leading By 12 points

House Democrats are ahead of Republicans 12 percentage points in the lead-up to the November midterm elections, according to a Wednesday Quinnipiac University poll.

If the November midterm elections were held in July, 51 percent of voters say they would vote for a Democrat, compared to 39 percent that would vote for Republicans. Continue reading


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We Didn’t Need This

After Trump’s long-time lawyer Michael Cohen had his office and home illegally raided by Mueller’s legal assassins, he pressured Cohen to make a deal to turn on the president. That’s how this criminal enterprise works. Well, turns out Cohen had been secretly taping his client, which has to be illegal. Now Cohen hires former paid liar for the Clintons’, Lanny Davis, who is as repulsive as McAuliffe or anyone else in their orbit.

Cohen’s New Lawyer Lanny Davis on Leaked Audio Recording: Trump Acted Like ‘Drug Dealer’

“Everybody heard just now Donald Trump say the word ‘cash,'” Davis said. “After Michael Cohen mentioned financing. … The only people who use cash are drug dealers and mobsters.” Continue reading


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