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Sorry for being gone so much. I’m having another bad week. :0/  The good news is that Dearest is feeling a LOT better!  He lost ten pounds during his illness, which looks good on him, so there’s that to be grateful for.  🙂

2018_07 Trump balloons by Branco

TRUMP APPROVAL: President Trump’s approval rating reached an all-time high of 45% in the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. That’s up 1 point from their June poll. Of the last four presidents, only George W. Bush, after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, had a higher approval rating than Trump at the same point in his presidency.

MADE IN AMERICA: President Trump held the second ‘Made in America’ event at the White House on Monday. The event, which was designed to celebrate the administration’s economic policies, showcased products from each of the 50 states. President Trump said the event was part of “a great economic revival in the United States. … The more we make things in America, the stronger America becomes.

TRUE HEALTH CARE REFORM: The Labor Department issued a new rule expanding association health plans, which allow small businesses to band together and negotiate lower health insurance prices without some of Obamacare’s strict requirements.

WITCH HUNT: On Monday morning, President Trump renewed his calls for the Mueller witch hunt to end after the Carter Page FISA docs confirmed what we knew to be true — the entire Russian collusion hoax was made up and funded by Hillary Clinton and executed by Obama’s corrupt DOJ and FBI.

NO KO NUKES: Satellite images released Monday indicate that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is following through on his pledge to dismantle key missile-launch sites.

KAVANAUGH APPROVAL: Judge Kavanaugh’s approval rating is high in four conservative states with Democratic senators. North Dakotans say Kavanaugh should be confirmed by 60% to 22%, compared to 55% to 30% in West Virginia, 54% to 30% in Alabama, and 52% to 34% in Indiana. Of those four states, only Alabama does not have a Senate election this year.

2018_07 24 McCaskill husband

PUSSY HATS: “Ever since the election, I see these women on the news marching up and down and wearing their pink pussy hats and hollering obscenities and I think, what are they going to tell their daughters? They’ll have stories about the evil Trump and how awful everything was, and how he was Voldemort and Sauron and Satan all rolled into one, and their daughters will ask, well then, what did you do to fight this great evil, did you join the army or take up arms like they did in the American Revolution, or what? And the mothers will say, no, I jumped up and down and shouted that Trump was a Nazi while dressed as a giant twat.” —Ace of Spades

2018_07 21 Snapchat priest

TRAFFICKING: The scourge of human trafficking is more common in developed countries than previously thought. According to a new global report, as many as 1 in 800 Americans is currently a victim of human trafficking.

PRAGER UNIVERSITY: Carol Swain, former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, explains why the Three-Fifths Compromise was devised by those who OPPOSED slavery. Slave states wanted their slaves to count as FULL persons, not so they could be treated as full citizens, but so slave states could get more votes in the House of Representatives. The compromise was the best that abolitionists could come up with to limit slavery.

2018_07 24 SAFETY Canning vs Fermentation

GREEN TEA: A human study in which people who did not normally consume green tea drank about four cups of green tea daily (1,000 mL in total) suggested it may have a prebiotic effect, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, such as Clostridium species. Interestingly, although green tea polyphenols are typically not well absorbed in the gut, bacteria can transform them into compounds that can be readily absorbed. However, a study of green tea extract given to people as capsules (providing at least 560 mg of EGCG daily) did not show any effect on bacterial species in the gut.

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    Milady & I thought the 3/5ths video was excellent. So glad it acknowledged that the compromise was a step toward turning slaves-as-property into “persons,” and, ultimately, citizens.


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