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How They Win Elections

Sen. Kamala Harris pushes Rent Relief Act, the ultimate jackpot for ‘free stuff Dems’

Set to be officially unveiled Tuesday, the so-called Rent Relief Act would provide renters who earn less than $100,000 a year and spend at least 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities with a taxpayer-funded tax credit. Keep in mind utilities might conceivably include bills for luxuries like television, Internet and phone service.

The most liberal cities tend to host the highest rents. Why? According to Huntington Beach assemblyman Travis Allen, it’s because liberal cities invariably feature “a tangled web of environmental and land-use policies that make it nearly impossible for developers to bring affordable housing to the marketplace.”

Leftist politicians like Harris, California’s former attorney general, created the rent problem via their left-wing policies. And now these same politicians want to use their left-wing policies again to try and fix it. See a problem with that? Continue reading

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Rewriting Holy Scripture

Creating a New Version of Leviticus to Support Gay Sex

What do you do when the biblical text is against your position, explicitly so? What do you do when not one single verse supports your viewpoint? It’s simple. You create new verses out of thin air. You rewrite the Bible to your liking. That’s exactly what biblical scholar Idan Dershowitz has done.

Dr. Dershowitz claims that, “Before Leviticus was composed, outright prohibitions against homosexual sex — whether between men or women — were practically unheard-of in the ancient world.” And he believes that Leviticus was “created gradually over a long period and includes the words of more than one writer.” Continue reading

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Controlling the Fed

Trump Will – and Should – Take Control of the Fed

For the entire 8 years of the Obama tyranny the fed never raised interest rates from 0%. Not once. They also dumped trillions of taxpayer dollars onto the stock market during the scam known as Quantitative Easing,or QE I,II and III. That was to cover the losses of big banks from bad loans and to make sure the market didn’t tank under the reign of a fraud who didn’t know thing one about economics.

Since Trump was elected they’ve raised rates every quarter, in a blatant attempt to put a damper on the roaring economic engine a real businessman has stimulated through tax cuts and the easing of the regulatory burden that retarded economic growth.

The Federal Reserve is no doubt a very valuable institution. But there are seven Articles and 27 Amendments to the Constitution. Not one of them mentions anything about an unelected body called the Federal Reserve.


Here’s some video of Milton Friedman discussing how the Fed caused the Depression. Continue reading

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The Icon They Ignore

He doesn’t fit the racialist profile.
Civil Rights Legend James Meredith Says He’s On A Mission From God

Wounded by shotgun fire while marching for voting rights in 1966, Meredith also shuns the title of “civil rights icon,” as if civil rights are different from other rights.
Now, at 85, Meredith could rest assured of a place in history. But he says he’s on a new mission from God – to confront what he sees as society’s “breakdown of moral character” by encouraging people to live by the Ten Commandments. Continue reading

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Exposing the Myth

The unicorn, flying monkeys, leprechauns, and the moderate democrat. All imaginary beings. The moderate democrat was exposed during the Obamacare vote. They all just come with different prices.
The party has lurched headlong to the left, thanks largely to the radical socialist who spent 8 long years doing his best to destroy everything strong and proud about our country. Bernie Sanders, avowed socialist, was the victim of the worst electoral theft since 1960. Still, the man who never had a full time job until he was 40 was bought off with a beach front home and a sports car. Now they’re concerned about pretending to be conservative just long enough to win an election.
Sanders’ wing of the party terrifies moderate Dems. Here’s how they plan to stop it. Continue reading


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The Jokes Write Themselves

Former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State…now a national laughingstock.
She could have been president.
Social media was ablaze with comments yesterday. Some were funny, some can’t be repeated on a family-oriented blog.
She traded in her pantsuit for a muumuu. She reminded me of TV’s Mrs. Roper, only not as attractive.
Is she hiding a back brace? A colostomy bag? Is she hiding Huma under there?
Hillary Clinton Looks Like Hell at OzyFest – Wrapped in a Drape

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