Why They Want His Tax Returns

In case any of you were wondering (you probably weren’t) about why the Democrats want all of Trump’s tax returns so badly, I’ll tell you.
Trump had a particularly bad year at one time and wrote off almost $100 million.The Democrats want his returns so they can take them to the nearest crooked liberal judge and have the writeoffs ruled inadmissable. Then they could charge him with back taxes, penalties, and fines that would ultimately bankrupt him.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirms probe into possible Trump Foundation tax law violations
This comes after attorney general Barbara D. Underwood filed a lawsuit last month against the Trump Foundation, President Trump, and three of Trump’s children, accusing them of self-dealing, violating campaign finance laws, and coordinating illegally with Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Members of the Trump foundation said the lawsuit was “politically motivated.”

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  1. The Trumps may have inappropriately used charitable donations?


    The Clintons would never be embroiled in such shady shenanigans.