Presidential Assassination Art

Social media lit up this week over this piece:

2018_007 18 One Grand Gallery

The furor renewed interest in Kathy Griffin’s stunt from a year ago.

2018_07 Kathy Griffin

Since our side was no stranger to Obama Derangement Syndrome, I googled “kill obama art.” Oddly, most of the hits were pro-Obama. Most of the negatives ones focused on attacking his policies, not his person. These two were the absolute worst cases I found that even came close to the level of violence and vitriol aimed at Trump above.

2011 Obama Muslim Anti Christ

2018_07 Lynch Obama ROPE

Interesting aside … this is one of the pieces that popped up when I googled “kill obama art.”

2018_07 Kill Whitey w Obama face

This is one of the pieces that popped up when I googled “kill trump art.”

2018_07 19 Municipal Waste

I’ll leave it to my readers to decide which side is more evil.


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  1. Well, that was horrible. Thanks for, uh, your thorough research.

    I think I need to go look at videos of kittens, puppies, and babies.

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