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2018_07 17 St Padre Pio Pray hope and don't worry

GET ON YOUR KNEES, PEOPLE. The midterms matter. A new report warns that Democrats currently have 12 million more voters in the 31 states that require party registration to vote. The break down in states deemed to have “key battles” for control of the House of Representatives is roughly 40% Democrat vs. 28% Independent vs. 29% Republican.

TRUMP ECONOMY: Retail sales rose 1.3 percent in May and another .5 percent in June, boosted by increases in purchases of motor vehicles and a range of other goods.

VINTAGE TRUMP: This never-aired interview from 1980 is fascinating. My two big thoughts were, “I didn’t know how handsome he was” and “How much impact did his immigrant wife have on his decision to run?”

REINING IN THE IRS: Under federal law, tax-exempt organizations have been required to give the IRS the names of major donors (over $5,000). This information was supposed to stay private, but in some cases, has been leaked to the harm of conservatives. Under new guidelines, groups will still have to keep donor information in their own records, but only make it available for the IRS if someone is getting audited.

2018_07 13 Sanders tea with queen

DESTROYING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY: John Fund at National Review notes that the activist far left wing’s effort to force out moderates is not going to work the way they want. “The left wing of the Democratic party believes that history is on its side and that they can sweep away the party’s weak-kneed leadership. … Socialized medicine, abolishing ICE, identity politics, political correctness, and sky-high tax rates may quicken the pulse of those who see themselves leading the class struggle. But such views detract from Democrats’ ability to use Trump as a bogeyman with moderates who will decide which party controls Congress and the White House.”

FACEBOOK FESSES UP: Facebook finally admitted last week what many conservatives have long suspected: the social media giant intentionally suppresses conservative posts and pages. Analysts found that left-of-center sites enjoyed a nearly 14 percent traffic increase following algorithm changes last fall, whereas popular conservative sites saw a 27 percent decline. “Conservative and right-wing publishers (such as Breitbart, Fox News, and Gateway Pundit) were hit the hardest.” Recent instances of conservative and Christian content improperly restricted by Facebook include the video bloggers Diamond and Silk, a pro-life documentary on Roe v. Wade, a Holy Week ad by Franciscan University of Steubenville featuring the San Damiano Cross, advertising by Wexford/Missaukee Right to Life in Michigan, and advertising by Republican candidate for Michigan state Senate Aric Nesbitt.

2018_07 14 Strzok by Lester

EBOLA OUTBREAK IN AFRICA: On May 8th, the Democratic Republic of the Congo declared they had an Ebola outbreak. Within days, the Ministry of Health, WHO, Doctors Without Borders, and a number of other organizations, were tracing, isolating, testing, and treating. An experimental vaccine was used and a massive public awareness campaign was rolled out. So thorough was the effort that, by June 27, all the people who had been exposed to the last confirmed case were home free. In all, 53 people caught the disease and 29 died.

OPIOID EPIDEMIC IN AMERICA: My congressman informs me that, last month, “Congress passed 58 bipartisan bills that aim to fight the opioid epidemic that is plaguing every village, town and city in the country.”

SPOONS: I thought at first this was Babylon Bee or something, but nope, it’s from BBC. Pupils at a British school who fear they may be taken abroad for forced marriages have been given spoons to hide in their underwear. The idea is to alert airport security staff to their plight so they can get help. A charity that works to end forced marriages says it took 9,000 calls on its helpline last year (about 24 per day!), with 200 of them from children aged 15 or under.

FOR MY FELLOW WORD GEEKS: Some usage guides frown on the phrase “consensus of opinion”, deeming it redundant because “consensus” means “the opinion of most of those concerned.” However, “consensus” can also mean “the opinion of all or almost all of those concerned.” Merriam-Webster says that where all or almost all are of the same opinion, you can properly use “consensus of opinion” … but that usage nazis will probably try and bust you for it. 🙂

I JUST SAVED $14: I thought I would enjoy reading the novel that The Last Ship t.v. show is based on. My library system doesn’t have it, so I checked Amazon. I’m glad I read the reviews before deciding to (not) order! They generally say that, while the t.v. show is great, the book is too long and really boring. This bit made me laugh: “I’m 5.5 hours into the audible versions 24.4 hours and they found an island, went ashore, planted, some crops and looked at another spot on the island; it had a waterfall.”

2018_07 17 RIP Atheist

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