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Just Go Away, Already!

He just can’t help himself. Being an incurable narcissist, the slavish adoration of a fawning media and hordes of globalists is a high nothing can match. It’s a drug he can’t live without for very long. Working mostly with his terrorist group, OFA, Obama has worked tirelessly to undermine President Trump. But he just has to be in the spotlight.

Obama warns against ‘strongman politics’ in speech after Trump news conference
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Bits & Bytes

2018_07 17 St Padre Pio Pray hope and don't worry

GET ON YOUR KNEES, PEOPLE. The midterms matter. A new report warns that Democrats currently have 12 million more voters in the 31 states that require party registration to vote. The break down in states deemed to have “key battles” for control of the House of Representatives is roughly 40% Democrat vs. 28% Independent vs. 29% Republican.

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