Russia! Russia! Russia!

BREAKING: The liberal outrage campaign over the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination is temporarily suspended for the current outrage campaign directed at the Russia Summit. Of course, this is pending the initiation of a new outrage campaign tomorrow for a yet to be named outrage. (Dan Bongino)

2018_07 16 Trump Putin Stilton

I’m old enough to remember all the way back to — what was it, 2008? — when Candidate Obama sneered at then-President Bush for refusing to meet with certain world leaders. Cuz, I mean, goooolllleee … can’t you just sit down and TALK to people?

We know Obama was happy to do so, what with that time when an open mic caught him sending a reassuring message to Putin about how he’d have “more flexibility” (about freaking missile deployment, no less) after he got re-elected. Some of us wondered if by “more flexibility”, the man who had an avowed communist in his administration might have meant “free to ignore the voters and give you whatever the hell you want.”

  • Funny thing how the same people who still think the sun shines out Obama big ears are appalled, yes, appalled I say, that Trump was willing to meet with Putin.
  • Even funnier thing how Trump did it without even having the “flexibility” of NOT having to answer to voters ever again.

Stilton makes the excellent point that the Left’s stated “fear” that Trump won’t be able to stand up to Putin flies in the face of all the shrieking and hair-tearing they’re always doing about what a tyrannical dictator The Donald is. Well, yeah.

Oh, but wait. The left’s opposition may not be entirely due to TDS. It may even have some serious substance … as in, they’re terrified of what Putin will reveal about what he and Obama got up to during those four “flexible” years!

At a presser with Trump yesterday, Putin said that our intel officers moved $400,000,000 into Hillary’s campaign.

Both Congress and the director of national intelligence have concluded Russia meddled in the 2016 election. That assessment has been widely accepted in Congress, but now Putin says it’s not true and Trump appears to back him. People on both sides of the aisle objected to Trump’s comments.

2018_07 16 Gingrich tweet

On the less measured, more apoplectic end of the responses, fired FBI Director James Comey called Putin “a murderous lying thug” while ex-CIA Chief John Brennan blew his impeachment dog whistle.

2018_07 16 Brennan tweet

A tweeter asked, “Who’s the traitor?” about Brennan. “In 1975, Putin was recruited into the KGB upon graduating from St. Petersburg State U. The next year, John Brennan voted for Communist Party candidate for president of US.”

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson also had a pithy point to make about Brennan’s impeachment whistle.

2018_07 16 Attkisson tweet

One outraged responder hollered, “YOU ARE A CONSPIRACY THEORIST,” to which Attkisson replied, “You present compelling evidence. And the capital letters pretty much make it irrefutable.” ::snork::

Pass the popcorn.


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