For Your Protection

From the Babylon Bee:  More Protective MAGA Helmets Now Available For Trump Supporters Brave Enough To Go Out In Public

“Want to go to the store in your MAGA hat, but afraid of being assaulted, having water thrown on you, or getting smacked with a baseball bat?” Trump says in a promo video on the website. “The MAGA helmet is for you. I’ve gotta say, I’ve seen lots of tactical helmets in my day. This one’s the best. Tremendous stuff.”


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One response to “For Your Protection

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I wish they’d picked a tactical helmet for the graphic that didn’t look so much like the helmets worn by German soldiers in WWII.

    If I’d had this idea first, I’d have used this one. The face shield is an added bonus for protection from libturds who like to spit and throw sodas in your face. 🙂


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