Just a Short Note

I decided not to post anything about the pathetic charade that went on in the House Judiciary hearings this week. Peter Strzok — maybe the most smug, arrogant, repulsive of the Obama Crime Family — preened for the cameras and acted like the defendant in a trial where he knew the jury was fixed. He’s the latest in a long line: Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and all the others who knew going in they were in no legal jeopardy. The hearings must continue … as if any Democrat will face punishment … if only for the sake of future history books.


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Dearest had to have a pericardial effusion procedure to remove blood from around his heart that probably happened as a result of the PVI procedure he had last month. He has been miserable ever since, so hopefully draining the excess fluid out will get him back on his game. Good news … he’s actually asleep and not coughing, so two giant improvements there. Anyway, he said he watched many hours of Fox News in the hospital, saw a lot of the Strzok hearings. It passed the time.

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