Another Reason We Love Him

Donald Trump is not a political animal. He doesn’t worry about whether what he does will negatively impact his future electability. He just says what’s on his mind. It drives his antagonists batty.

After meeting with British PM Theresa May, they held a joint press conference. The petulant little twerp from CNN, Jim Acosta, tried to shout a question. The response was classic Trump.

Trump Refuses to Take Question From Jim Acosta: ‘CNN Is Fake News; I Don’t Take Questions From CNN’

Jake Tapper compared it to when Obama tried to get FOX News’ credentials pulled because they wouldn’t kiss his ass. Back then, the rest of the press corps came to FOX’s aid.  His “Lesson for the kids out there” is whiny and pathetic.  Jim Hanson offered him a reality check.

White House Correspondents’ Association Rushes To Jim Acosta’s Defense

Maybe he was letting off steam today rather than expressing an official stance toward a news organization’s ability to report, but saying a news organization isn’t real doesn’t change the facts and won’t stop us from doing our jobs.

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