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2018_07 11 Seals of Approval by Stilton

Per the cartoon above, we do expect Brett Kavanaugh to be dragged through Hell and high water before his eventual confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice.

But our real purpose in combining these two stories is to celebrate these two very different but deeply inspiring occurrences. The amazing rescue of a boys soccer team from a nightmarish, water-filled cave renews our hope for mankind in general. Support came from around the world to save these young lives, and the courage and sacrifice of those involved is humbling and awe-inspiring.

We want to make special mention of Sgt. Major Saman Gunan, a 38-year-old retired Thai Navy Seal, who volunteered for the mission and gave his life to save others. He undertook a risk that few others would and, through his efforts, helped enable a miracle.

On a very different note, we found ourselves moved by (a very Presidential) Donald Trump’s announcement of Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court, and a rundown of this jurist’s incredible and accomplished life of service to others.

As far as we can tell, he’s an exceptionally good choice for the nation’s highest court…and one impossible for the Left and the media to legitimately tar and feather…although those slime-oozing anti-Americans will try their wretched best.

As a case (pun intended) in point, despite Kavanaugh teaching at Harvard (a position for which he was hired by liberal Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan), despite his volunteering for work in inner city schools, despite his championing of women in the workplace, despite his coaching of his daughters’ basketball teams, and despite his regularly serving meals in soup kitchens, Democrat sleaze-weasel Terry McAuliffe has tweeted that “the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh will threaten the lives of millions of Americans.” Apparently because somehow in that busy schedule, Kavanaugh still finds time to commit recreational genocide.

In truth (a word which causes Progressives to writhe and smoke like vampires caught in sunlight) Kavanaugh has an exceptionally distinguished record of strict adherence to the Constitution, with his legal opinions completely unsullied by his personal political beliefs.

According to our nation’s founders, that’s how the Supreme Court is supposed to work, and we look forward to Judge Kavanaugh’s service for a long, long time.



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  1. From Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics:

    “To all those Trump-haters who claim to be pro-life, I want ask one more time: would you prefer that Hillary Clinton was making this next Supreme Court nomination?

    “And before you answer, let me also point out that this is Trump’s second pick, but it would have been Clinton’s third. Remember, Ruth Bader Ginsburg made it clear that she would have retired if Clinton had been elected. In other words, had Trump not won, in a few weeks fully one-fourth of the United States Supreme Court would have been appointed by Hillary Clinton with two of the other members having been put there by Obama.

    “If that had happened, everything we’ve worked for would have been flushed down the drain and the entire pro-life effort would now be on hospice care. So again, is THAT what you would prefer?

    “The reality is, every pro-lifer in America needs to be on their knees thanking God that Donald Trump is making this decision.”

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