MASCOT UPDATE: Saying good-bye to the gardens

Mama Buzz took up gardening when they moved to Alaska six years ago. I used to love gardening, but it’s been many years since I was well enough to indulge myself in planting, pruning, and yanking weeds. So Mama Buzz’s garden was my vicarious garden too and she always kept me up to date with lots of pictures from spring to fall.

This is the last Alaska garden. I feel kind of sad. She’ll plant again as soon as they get settled in their new house, which is all reserved, yay! It looks a lot like this one on the outside, but is bigger inside, since they didn’t have Bootz when they moved to the north country.

Anyway, this week-end, Mama Buzz and the kids tidied up the Alaska gardens, got them pretty for the next tenants, and gave some flowers for remembrance to friends they’re leaving behind. (She always kept a pretty planted pot on the utility cover, but that pot is going with them.)


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  1. Happysad feelings. Moving is always a melancholy chaos.

    I really enjoyed our brief visit to Alaska years ago. Seeing the sun not set the night we got there was amazing. Flowers seemed brighter than anywhere – I figured it was the long days filling them with light.

    This would seem a good time to leave Alaska, before the soul-crushing endless nights. 😉

    May their move go well and their new home be welcoming.

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