Democrats are driving away so many voters with their evil, ugly behaviors that there is now an official movement called #WalkAway for people to tell their stories on social media.

I watched a LOT of the videos at the #WalkAway YouTube channel, but I don’t want to clog your feed embedding too many. So here are my two most favorites, followed by just the titles (and brief descriptions) of others I enjoyed, so you can find them at YouTube if they sound interesting to you.

The founder of the #WalkAway movement is interviewed on t.v. about why he left the Left and started the movement and how much hatred has been directed at him as a result.

This woman simply thanked the Trumps for helping support St. Jude Hospital where her nephew was treated for cancer. She was bombarded with hate and is really feisty about it. … N.b., since I posted this about 12 hours ago, YouTube has disabled it for allegedly violating some standard or other. I watched it and found nothing objectionable in it. I’m going to leave it here in case it gets put back up.

“#WalkAway – Drag-Artist Kitty (with Transformation)” – This one is really entertaining. “Kitty” is a white married gay male and Drag Queen performer. He talks about his Walk Away journey and about growing up very close to the Mexican border as he takes off his makeup.

“I #WalkedAway after suffering with an Abortion” – This woman came from an all-Democrat, farmer/laborer pro-union and politically active family. She tells her story of post-abortion trauma and leaving the Democrat Party because of their lies about abortion.

“Heart-Breaking #WalkAway personal story: Rape.” This is a touching story by a rape survivor who talks about how ineffective her Democrat friends were in dealing with her post-rape trauma and how dishonest the Left is being about the border debate.

“When I started to #WalkAway… EVERYONE came at me” – This guy’s big issue was finding out how appallingly dishonest the MSM is. He says, “I was a sheep. But no more. I’m out. I will never EVER vote Democrat again.”

“Vanessa Berben, My #WalkAway Story” – Former Bernie supporter, voted for Hillary, and went full blown TDS after the election. Her wake up moment came when “her” people shut down Milo Yiannopoulos. She speaks with passion about the First and Second Amendment, a strong, clear immigration policy, the dishonest media, and how frightened she is about saying any of this. Even her own mother dumped on her!


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  1. This woman simply thanked the Trumps for helping support St. Jude Hospital

    Dagnabbit. YouTube has removed this great video before I grabbed a copy!!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Darn it. I swear, there was nothing objectionable in it … unless you count the woman saying how great it is that the Trump family has given MILLIONS of dollars to St. Jude’s!

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  2. The St Jude vid is back or replaced, I see. Good.

    Good stuff here. Thanks, chrissy. Drag-Artist Kitty was amusing. You inspired me to create a playlist for #WalkAway, with most of what you mentioned here and more. Still working on it.

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