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SITTING DUCKS: If the new Mexican president, López Obrador, adheres to his campaign proposal of not interfering with the drug cartels, he will not only be handing his northern provinces entirely over to the most vicious gangsters in the history of the Americas, he will oblige President Trump to take measures that will make the protracted debate about the wall, ICE, the immigration chain and lottery, and separation of children sublimely academic.

He will force the United States to secure the border with an adequate deployment of the U.S. Army. These units, perhaps a whole division, would be better employed in this role than in squatting in their bases. There would be practically no casualties, no illegal immigrants, fewer opioids, and the country could take its time with the wall.

This entire enervating debate would end. No one, not even Michael Moore as he demands a march of a million people to overturn the government, will commend the policy of allowing opioids and their purveyors to flow over the border completely unimpeded. If the new Mexican government abandons the Drug War, it will be the equivalent, in ending debate and uniting opinion in the U.S., of Pearl Harbor.

And if the Democrats take abolition of ICE and de facto open borders to the voters in November, Trump will mow them down like sitting ducks.” – Conrad Black

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SNOOKERED:All of the nominees on the president’s list of 25, from which the well-respected Justice Neil Gorsuch was chosen last year, are clearly qualified.

“All, when probed about abortion, will say something like what Circuit Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a practicing Roman Catholic with seven children, replied at her confirmation hearing, that no judge should allow personal views to get in the way of established law.

The Democrats are snookered. They won’t be able to sell their goal-line defense of Roe v. Wade. It is a very inadequate decision anyway — the preeminent issue isn’t the right of a woman to do anything she wants with her own body; it is when the unborn attain the rights of a person.” – Conrad Black

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Tucker Carlson on the woman who shut down the Statue of Liberty on July 4.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Tucker Carlson with Alan Dershowitz: The Left’s efforts to shut down right-wing speech are backfiring. I think that Democrats fall on a spectrum, with the nice liberals on one end and the hard leftists on the other. I have really nice neighbors who are devout Democrats. They know we’re Republican. We both put up our signs every election cycle. But we’re nice to each other. Whenever we have a heavy snow, he cleans our driveway with his snow blower. When I was sick and hubby was out of town, they walked the dog every day. These are the kinds of people who would be, will be, maybe are getting sick to death of the new hard Left Democratic Party.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    This interviewer is good. “Black racism is an illusion made up by black leaders.” Yep.