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MASCOT UPDATE: Bootz is getting so big!

He climbed all the way up by himself.

2018_07 05 He climbed up by himself

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Bits & Bytes

AMERICA is the most open, least racist nation

Black Man Cries Tears of Joy For Trump: “It’s a good time to be alive. … I’m just happy to be an American.”

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NOT better off dead!

2018_07 Noone should be killed because they're inconvenient

SAVE THE STORKS: Albuquerque, New Mexico – The bus was down at the late term abortion clinic. The parking lot was full. We prayed with the sidewalk advocates and went back to set up the bus. A young couple arrived and walked into the clinic.

The boyfriend came out and while talking to the sidewalk advocates his girlfriend came out before her procedure. We were able to convince them to come to the bus for an Ultrasound. She entered the bus with a bandage around her arm from having her blood drawn and a medical bracelet signaling she was ready for the abortion procedure. Continue reading


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NYT Goes Lower

Maxine went low when she told Democrats to get all up in our faces in restaurants and such. But she didn’t specifically encourage violence.

The New York Times went lower.

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2018_07 06 Reality by Terrell

SITTING DUCKS: If the new Mexican president, López Obrador, adheres to his campaign proposal of not interfering with the drug cartels, he will not only be handing his northern provinces entirely over to the most vicious gangsters in the history of the Americas, he will oblige President Trump to take measures that will make the protracted debate about the wall, ICE, the immigration chain and lottery, and separation of children sublimely academic.

He will force the United States to secure the border with an adequate deployment of the U.S. Army. These units, perhaps a whole division, would be better employed in this role than in squatting in their bases. There would be practically no casualties, no illegal immigrants, fewer opioids, and the country could take its time with the wall. Continue reading


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No Swimsuit Competition!

From the Babylon Bee: Trump Agrees To Remove Swimsuit Competition From SCOTUS Nomination Process

“This is long overdue,” said law professor Edgar Ford. “It’s time to put out the message that judges of all shapes and sizes can rule on Constitutional issues. Not just those who look good in a bikini.”

The swimsuit competition has been considered controversial ever since it caused the otherwise-qualified Robert Bork not to get a seat at the Supreme Court in 1987. More recently, the swimsuit competition was why the Republicans wouldn’t even consider Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland, instead waiting for the election of Donald Trump, whom supporters consider to have a better eye for such things.

The Supreme Court contest will continue to involve a Q&A, an evening robe competition, and a talent show. For the talent portion, an insider reportedly advised the contestants that Trump loves puppet shows, “especially if the puppets hit each other.”


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Let the Games Begin

The left has been screaming incoherently for the last month about (gasp) separating children from the adults who attempt to sneak into our country illegally to climb on the gravy train. Keep in mind, they couldn’t care less about these children. Never did. It’s just a convenient excuse to hammer the president as an issue for the midterms because they have nothing to offer except hate.

But that issue is about to go on the back burner. Trump, ever the showman with a flair for the dramatic, will announce his pick to replace Kennedy on Monday evening. The left has their next round of attacks pre-prepared. It’s down to about four and it appears to be down to Kethledge and Kavanaugh. Kethledge has been endorsed by Ted Cruz and is said to be soft on immigration. Continue reading


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No Real Jeopardy

It all depends on your political affiliation. If you are a conservative you are tried and convicted simply because of the way you think. If you’re a democrat, there is almost no fear of ever being prosecuted, no matter how serious the crimes you commit are. The GOP lacks the political will to punish their friends. The FBI refuses to turn over documents the House oversight committee has demanded and Nunes keeps stalling and threatening real action if….


532 Days Later, All Charges Against Trump Inauguration Protesters Are Officially Dropped

This is why they keep protesting, because there are virtually never any real consequences, even if they’re violent. Continue reading

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