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ABOLISH ICE: The Democrats’ latest “get Trump” scheme is a bust. According to a recent Harvard-Harris Mark Penn poll, a majority of Americans AND A MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS disapprove of the idea of abolishing ICE. Overall, 69% disapprove vs. 31% approve. Disapprover breakdown = 78% Republicans, 73% Independents, 59% Democrats.

APPLAUSE: First Lady Melania Trump deserves praise for “her efforts to understand the situation on the border and use her position to improve it. She is a smart and accomplished woman and has the unique circumstance of being an immigrant herself.” -The Boston Herald Editorial Board

SHAM ASYLUMERS: Paul Bedard reports that “a majority of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States by claiming ‘credible fear’ back home do not actually file for it once they are released into the country.” Since Trump cracked down on people gaming the system under Obama, there has been a 1,350 percent increase in deportation orders for false asylum claims.


“The closer President Trump’s wall comes to completion, the closer we get to end the humanitarian crisis caused by our porous southern border. The Democrats’ dream of open borders and their unrelenting opposition to securing our border hurts the people they claim to care about the most.” -Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council

Sanctuary and anti-ICE supporters apparently care more about illegals than they do about #METOO victims of sexual violence. Last summer, ICE officers on Long Island arrested 32 illegals with past criminal convictions ranging from sexual abuse to attempted rape.

On Saturday, one of the protesters outside the White House on Saturday had illegally parked his BMW and moved a security barrier that had been erected for the rally. When Secret Service officers tried to stop him, he punched one of them in the jaw and the left eye. It took two officers to wrestle this jerk to the ground. The officer he assaulted suffered a possible concussion and a knee injury.

On Monday, a Berkeley Democrat threatened to chop up Senator Rand Paul’s family with an ax.

Another unhinged liberal was recently arrested for threatening to kill Rep. Brian Mast’s children over Trump’s immigration policy.

On Tuesday, far left protesters set up camp outside the ICE building in Philadelphia, demanding the law enforcement agency be abolished. When police officers attempted to clear out their encampment, they got rowdy. Twenty-nine were arrested.

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