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2018_07 03 Dear God Save this nation

RECENT POLLS: Trump supporters don’t fit Hillary’s nasty stereotypes.

  • Only 31 percent are white men without college degrees, while 66 percent are college graduates, women, or nonwhites.
  • Overall approval for this president is at 47 percent, up two points over last month. The rise was driven by a 10-point swing among Hispanic voters and a four-point gain among Democrats.
  • He’s at 90 percent approval among Republicans.
  • Historically, Democrats have been able to count on the youth vote, but millennials are switching sides. They may not like the Republican Party, but they love the Trump economy and plan to vote Republican this fall.
  • Ditto blacks and gays. Both demographics are showing significant shifts to the right wing, in part because of the economy and in part because they’re sick to death of the left’s hate-filled, non-stop shrieking.

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2018_07 TIME by Branco

ABOLISH ICE: The Democrats’ latest “get Trump” scheme is a bust. According to a recent Harvard-Harris Mark Penn poll, a majority of Americans AND A MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS disapprove of the idea of abolishing ICE. Overall, 69% disapprove vs. 31% approve. Disapprover breakdown = 78% Republicans, 73% Independents, 59% Democrats. Continue reading

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