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Apocalyptic Storm

These were taken June 28, 2018 by Sky Burst Photography about 4 miles north of Miles City, MT.

2018_06 28 4 miles north of Miles City, MT - a2018_06 28 4 miles north of Miles City, MT - e`


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Just Say No

This past April, President Trump announced that funding for the government-sponsored Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (or TPPP) will now take the same approach as teen programs aimed at preventing drug use. IOW, abstinence and parental monitoring.

Despite the fact that the CDC says teen sex is an inherently risky behavior, President Obama’s TPPPs required that teens be provided with all FDA-approved forms of birth control.

Planned Parenthood has filed suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Alex Azar (secretary of HHS), and Valerie Huber, the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health. Continue reading

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Mascot Update: Summer in Alaska

Mama Buzz sent these. She took the photo at 12:30 am today.

2018_07 01 Fairbanks light2018_07 1230am Fairbanks sky


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Trump’s Short List

2018_06 29 Call them racists by Gorrell

The anti-Trump SCOTUS talking points are out. All his nominees are “racist, white men who defend the Ku Klux Klan.” I’m sure that makes a ton of sense, seeing as his short list includes:

  • Two women.
  • One first generation Indian-American.
  • One man who studied in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish, who worked at a legal aid clinic representing poor Spanish-speaking immigrants, and who has been active in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.
  • And, one man who wrote in a legal opinion that “being called the n-word by a supervisor … suffices by itself to establish a racially hostile work environment.”

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