Vacant Seats

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2018_06 28 Vacant seats toon

TW3: Last week, the Left was screeching about how Trump has been RIPPING babies from their mothers’ arms at the border. This week, the Left is screeching about how Trump is going to stop abortionists from RIPPING unborn babies out of their mothers’ wombs.

2018_06 27 Harry Reid

STILTON: “It’s a glorious time to be alive. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is stepping down, meaning that Donald Trump gets to pick another Supreme Court nominee, and those on the Left are having a white-hot thermonuclear meltdown which is more spectacular and beautiful to witness than any sunset…especially since this likely does represent the sun setting on many of their most beloved violations of the Constitution.”

2017_03 Living fetus constitution

2018_06 Scalia not living document

OP ED: “We write not to praise Anthony Kennedy’s jurisprudence, but to bury it.

“Across 31 years, Justice Kennedy issued many rulings, good and bad. But his most lasting legacy was the travesty he released 26 years ago today, Planned Parenthood v. Casey. With airy, mystical reasoning, unrooted in the Constitution, the common law, or the natural law, he talked himself into saving a precedent that was indefensible legally, scientifically, and morally.

In saving Roe v. Wade in 1992, Kennedy did violence to the rule of law, and undermined the court’s legitimacy and added extra poison to our politics. Casey helped transform national politics into a winner-take-all partisan death match that, over a decade, saw both parties destroy the rules of the Senate. That’s before mentioning that Casey condemned tens of millions of babies to death in the womb.”

2018_06 28 Schumer


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2 responses to “Vacant Seats

  1. As someone pointed out on another blog, however leftish Kennedy may have been on social issues, he was rightish on government issues, and we have to respect that he knows full well the gift he is handing Trump and the nation by stepping down now. So, give him that.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I saw someone ask somewhere or other why the two old lefties didn’t retire when Obama was in office. My guess is they were like so many others, absolutely confident Hillary would be up next with a hopefully more solidly Democrat Senate.

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