The answer to vice is virtue

Wow. Good rant from Ben Shapiro!


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  1. Where is Shap’s rant/////?????


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Hmm … it’s loading for me. Let me switch the link to YouTube instead of Facebook. Those usually work well here.


  2. ya done good there

    …and, yup, a solid return on his inquisitor’s serve…

    …but if you really want good meaty, thought-full discourse on the flaws in leftist thinking and the neurotic, even pathological manifestations of the left’s spokespeople and activists, check out clinical psychologist, Dr Jordan Peterson – a powerful thinker with an ability to answer a question by thinking it through afresh right in front of the questioner while exhibiting empathetic compassion for the mental snarl the questioner is in…

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  3. Shapiro interviewed Jordan one time, then formed a bond and they did several open discussion events together, including a now widely distributed 3-way with Dave Rubin [Rubin Report]….

    There is a shift going on away from politics and towards examining the human condition, then having grounded in some fundamentals in terms of one’s own existential reality and the greater Reality that simply Is That It Is and is is beyond human ability to encompass. Peterson asks, ” What is it that God lacks?” In a word: limitation. At the outer limits of human thought, there is clearly much more. Some of us recognize that we are part of God’s creation and limited in capacity but straining out beyond reason and language, extending intuitive and pattern-seeking and synthesizing feelers reaching for that which made us. Not until I opened my doors and asked God in and the Holy Spirit entered in and became In-Dwelling did my Pilgrimage Home begin…

    …So when Peterson addresses political and social topics, he is always raising the discussion to a higher level, and the response to him is very strong and positive…

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