Liberal Meltdown in 3-2-1


2018_06 26 Midterms matter

A writer for Esquire and Rolling Stone tweeted, “Gorsuch’s eventual death should be celebrated as a national holiday.”

Huh. Civility.

Matthew Yglesias tweeted, “The theft of Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court seat is legitimately the greatest heist in world history.”  Somebody tweeted back, “‘If you don’t like it, go out and win an election’ – Barack Obama.”


1. DECIDED: Trump’s travel restrictions fall “squarely” within his executive authority.

  • Rep. Keith Ellison tweeted this Big Fat Lie: “The US Supreme Court just ratified Donald Trump’s “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entry into the United States.”
    • Uh, no. It was a limited shut down of all immigrants from a handful of terrorist-supporting nations that happen to be majority Muslim.

2. DECIDED: Public-sector unions may not force nonmembers to pay fees to cover collective-bargaining activities.

  • “Informed” opinions on this ran along the lines of “the biggest assault on unions and working families we’ve seen in decades.”
    • Yeah, right. Cuz NOT forcing NONmembers to pay union dues is soooo awful. ::eyeroll::

3. DECIDED: Pro-life pregnancy care centers cannot be forced to provide information for abortion.

2018_06 27 ABORTION forcing CPC


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