Democrat Gangstas

2018_06 26 Civility tweets

Maxine Waters is operating out of a centuries’ old Democrat play book. It was Democrat-majority state governments that refused to outlaw slavery. It was Democrats inside white KKK hoods, setting fire to crosses outside black homes, detonating bombs in black churches, and lynching black citizens and it was Democrat-majority state governments that passed Jim Crow laws to keep blacks from voting and to maintain segregation in schools, restaurants, buses, and public restrooms and drinking fountains.

2018_06 27 Maxine by Stilton

Below: This was posted by, a top liberal website with 586,000 followers on Twitter.

2018_06 25 Only the beginning tweet

Below: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi talks about being bullied, threatened, and verbally assaulted by raging leftists at a movie theater showing a documentary about Mr. “Will You Be My Neighbor” Rogers.

A decapitated and burned animal corpse was placed on the front porch of a Department of Homeland Security official’s Washington DC home. The incident spurred a Department to send a letter Saturday to all employees alarming of them of the “heightened threat” against employees of the agency.

Moronic protesters shouted anti-Trump slogans outside the DC apartment building where Trump adviser Stephen Miller lives. He wasn’t home.

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