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2018_06 Fulton Sheen Wrong is wrong

MAJORITY APPROVE OF TRUMP ECONOMY: The latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey shows the abject failure of Left’s attempts to hurt Trump by shrieking about immigration. 54% say the economy is good or excellent, the highest recorded by CNBC in the 10 years of the survey. And Trump’s economic approval rating surged 6 points to 51%. Continue reading

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What “choice” really means

2018_06 25 ABORTION My choice toon

At first Lia’s pro-choice teacher told her that she was disqualified from the school’s speech competition because her topic was too controversial. But then she heard the speech and was so blown away she changed her mind. Lia went on to win the competition! And no wonder.

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The Mob Mentality

The democrats are not a political party. They are nothing but a well-funded mob. They encourage it, nurture it, and live off of it. They seek to enforce their will and violence is their stock in trade.

Rep. Maxine Waters calls on #TheResistance to find and confront Trump admin officials

“You get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”


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