Immigrant children flayed alive in Trump concentration camps

From The People’s Cube.

Well, not really, but this is a teachable moment for those who are teachable. I got my information from Erick Erickson, a conservative talk show host with a powerful dislike for President Trump. He’s one of the ten or so conservative Never Trumpers left in America.

But about the immigration outrage which Erickson accurately reported…

As usual, we were only given a portion of the story with hyperbole and emotionally provocative images. People responded according to their conditioning and immediately got on the bandwagon without researching the story further. What was reported resonated with predetermined biases, and that was enough. To be fair, I’ve seen the exact same reflex with some of my conservative friends during the time of Obama’s presidency.

So, what happened? It is the policy to temporarily separate children from their parents to ensure the children are actually with their parents and not with sex slave traffickers. Once it can be established that the children belong to the parents, they are reunited. Most people who deal with child abuse cases know the importance of interviewing children by themselves.

How long has this been going on? The protocol that has received so much media attention is based on a law passed by George W Bush, and voted for by then Senator Barack Obama. This protocol was enforced during all eight years of Obama’s administration, and some of the pictures used in media reports were taken during that time.

I personally don’t like children being separated from parents, but when we’re dealing with unscrupulously wicked people who blend in with the immigrants desperate for a better life, some precaution must be taken to protect the children.

One more thing, and I owe this to a son who reads Spanish news sources, our open borders have exponentially increased human suffering. How? By making available open corridors for an extremely lucrative drug and human trafficking trade. The result is excessively brutal gangs that outdo each other in carrying out horrific acts of violence to establish control of their turf. By far, most of the victims are innocent Mexicans on the other side of the border.

The first president to take seriously the task of securing our borders after decades of neglect has a serious job on his hands, and there’s no easy solution.

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