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Today, I thought I’d start with inspiration and end with a laugh. The news is in between.

2018_06 23 Isaiah eagle soar

WAIT, WHAT?! You’re telling me that not only has Trump lowered taxes and helped create more jobs, but now he’s also going to make gas prices go down? How evil must he be?!?

2018_06 22 OPEC gives in

IMMIGRATION TOMORROW: Border Patrol has announced all kids who were separated from actual parents due solely to Trump’s zero tolerance policy will be returned on Sunday, June 24. There will be a small number of children who will remain separated, usually because the adult is accused of a violent crime or the child has alleged abuse.

IMMIGRATION YESTERDAY: Since 9-11, 63,000 Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens. President Trump met with the survivors, those who have been PERMANENTLY separated from loved ones by illegals.

KIDS ARRIVE ALONE: A Florida camp housing illegal minors has 1,179 kids total. Of these, only 70 children were separated from their parents. IOW, roughly 94% of the children at the shelter arrived at the border unaccompanied. I would like to know the stats on how this happens. I.e., how many were kidnapped by traffickers vs. how many were shipped off alone by their parents.  (I’ve heard they put the girls on birth control, knowing that most of them will be raped along the way.) But yeah, Lefties. Keep telling us how much you CARE about these kids.

2018_06 23 3 iconic photos


LIBERAL TOLERANCE: On Friday, the liberals at MSNBC’s Morning Joe said everyone who supports Trump is a Nazi and a racist.

2018_06 Immigration toon

EUGENICS: Morning Joe types accuse us of being “literally Hitler”, but it’s the Left that actually promotes and practices one of the key tenets of Nazism, namely, eugenics. Unborn babies who test positive for Down syndrome are routinely murdered. Denmark boasts a 98% termination rate, followed by the United Kingdom at 90%, the United States at an estimated 85% and France at 77%.

2018_06 Sanders Red Hen

RACISM: Morning Joe types also accuse us of being racist, yet they are ones who have been working to exterminate blacks since their hero — eugenicist and flaming racist Margaret Sanger — founded Planned Parenthood. Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by more than 25%.

2018_06 STARGATE Joined Space Force - desert

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  1. rednig

    Dems know nazis! Let us not forget Joe Kennedy was a life long Nzai and raised his children to be nazis. The green movement where nature is god came out of Nazism. The gay movement and pretty much everything dems own came from Nazis. As my stepmothrr, a former Nazi (all children were forced to word up hitler) often said the dem party is America’s Nazi party.