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2018_06 Join the Space Force

BABYLON BEE: After President Trump signed an executive order ending the separation of illegal immigrant children from their parents, several news networks slammed the president for prematurely ending the news story they were endlessly milking for ratings.

TOLERANCE GOES ONLY ONE WAY: The Left preaches tolerance and inclusiveness, but they only practice it with people who abide by their rules and share their views.

2018_06 19 Sims tweet

R.I.P.: Dr. Charles Krauthammer has died of cancer. I sincerely hope and pray he is with Jesus now, running and leaping about with unrestrained joy after spending decades as a quadriplegic here on Earth. He was an extraordinary man.

2018_06 22 Signing the Constitution

BASHING WHITE MEN: On Wednesday, President Donald Trump held a meeting with lawmakers to discuss the separation of illegal immigrant children from their families at the borders. The Left was triggered.  Lauren Dobson-Hughes, the former president of Planned Parenthood Ottawa, tweeted: “No good ever comes from a room full of white men.”

ABORTION: Nine abortion practitioners in the state of Indiana have been caught failing to report child sex abuse in cases where they did abortions on the babies of girls as young as 12 years of age.

DEFUNDING PP: On Wednesday, Republicans defeated an attempt by pro-abortion Democrats to restore funding to the International Planned Parenthood abortion business.

KARMA: The so-called “hate watchers” at Southern Poverty Law Center agreed to pay $3.375 million rather than go to court over their defamation of the Quilliam Foundation.  Liberty Counsel reports that they are talking now to at least 60 organizations that have been similarly stigmatized by the far Left, hate-mongering SPLC.  Yesterday, 48 conservative organizations joined forces to call on governments, corporations, and media to cut ties with SPLC. Pass the popcorn!


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  1. freedom1781

    I am just so sick and tired if all the hate coming from the left. It’s getting really old.

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  2. freedom1781: “I am just so sick and tired if all the hate coming from the left. It’s getting really old.”

    Sick – understandable. But don’t tire yet – that’s what they want. And there’s a lot more to come from them!

    As an online fellow says every morning, Let’s smile, and be happy, and strike fear into the hearts of killjoy leftists everywhere!

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