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S’ABOUT DAMN TIME: FBI Agent Peter Strzok was escorted from the FBI building, his lawyer confirms. Strzok came under fire in the Justice Department investigation for texting his mistress (and fellow FBI agent) that they would “stop” Trump from being elected president.

2018_06 20 What hump by Terrell

WHAT HUMP? The IG believes there were only “errors in judgment”, not outright “political bias” steering the FBI’s investigations of a presidential candidate the investigators thought would destroy “all the progress we’ve made in the past 8 years” if his “ignorant, POS” supporters elected him.

WANGDOODLE: It doesn’t actually rhyme with anything. However, it has long been slang for “penis.” says it originally meant “gadget or thing for which the correct name is not known”. Many such words (thingy, dingus, etc.) have been used in slang for ‘penis’, not because the actual name was unknown, but because it was unmentionable.”

GOOD GRIEF: Here’s the title of an article Firefox recommended for me. “Why Social Science Needs Evolutionary Theory.” BWAHAHAHAHAH!

KEEPING PROMISES: A new Trump administration rule was finalized to make it easier for small businesses to insure their workers. The Labor Department estimates that these new association health plans will decrease premiums between $1,900 and $4,100 per year.

2018_06 19 Trump hugs flag

FLAG HUGGER: On Tuesday, President Donald Trump hugged an American flag following a speech he gave marking the 75th anniversary of the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Trump Haters were triggered.

FLAKING ON JUDICIAL REFORM: Sen. Jeff Flake, R-AZ, has been a frequent critic of President Trump. Now he’s using his perch on the Senate Judiciary Committee to block votes on the nominations of all of President Trump’s pending appellate court nominees unless he gets favorable action on travel to Cuba and issues related to tariffs. Republicans have a slim 11-10 advantage on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

PRAGER U: The left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently added this fine organization to their notorious “Hatewatch” Blog. The SPLC demonizes any conservative individual or organization that poses a moral and intellectual threat to the Left. Facebook, Amazon, Google, YouTube, and Twitter all rely on the SPLC to help determine which organizations count as “hate groups.”

CLASSY: Academy Award-nominated actor and filmmaker Peter Fonda tweeted that Barron Trump should be placed in a cage with pedophiles. Melania notified the Secret Service. Fonda has apologized and removed the tweet.

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