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BE INSPIRED! Everyday Heroes: Mike Sweeney

S’ABOUT DAMN TIME: FBI Agent Peter Strzok was escorted from the FBI building, his lawyer confirms. Strzok came under fire in the Justice Department investigation for texting his mistress (and fellow FBI agent) that they would “stop” Trump from being elected president. Continue reading

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Immigration Update

I know this is CNN, but the Border Patrol guy does a good job talking about the deadly horrors migrant children are forced to experience because of THEIR PARENTS (or others who use and abuse them) taking or sending them across the border illegally.

On Tuesday, Democrats rejected a bill that would keep illegal immigrant families together on the border.

On Wednesday, Trump signed an Executive Order to help solve the problem of kids being separated from their legitimate parents. But he said he will not end the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of criminally prosecuting every adult who crosses U.S. borders illegally and intends to keep pressure on Congress to pass legislation that meets his goals of halting the separation practice, funding his proposed border wall, and limiting legal immigration. Continue reading

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Where does “rapture” come from?

The English word “rapture” is often used to apply to the translation of the saints, living and dead, to be with the Lord Jesus Christ upon His return.

2018_06 21 Rapture

Calling this event “The Rapture” originates with the Latin Vulgate translation of the Greek Bible, which was the Catholic Church’s official Bible for many years.

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