2018_06 20 Fake News

From Stilton:  Leftists and other soft-headed types are having absolute conniption fits over President Trump’s brand new policy of temporarily separating kids from their families when they enter the country illegally. And when we say “brand new policy,” we mean exactly the same policy which has been law since champion-of-the-children Bill “Pedophile Island” Clinton was president. Certainly Barack Obama made major use of the policy, albeit without a peep of complaint from the mainstream media.

The separations occur only after illegal border crossings (ie, not when people come to an actual American port of entry and make a simple asylum claim) and are done in part to give social services time to ascertain whether the kids are actually traveling with a parent, or simply being dragged over the border by an MS-13 gang member who transports minors for sex trafficking. …

The “news” media and equally laughable social media are treating this as an ongoing repeat of the Holocaust (no, really – they’ve played that card) rather than the continuing implementation of decades’ old policy. And among their favorite tools are memes showing STAGED PHOTOS of pitiful children in cages.

Anti-Trumpers circulating the photo … which has been debunked by SNOPES, no less, which we all know is no friend to the right … say that it doesn’t matter that this photo was staged. Cuz it’s like “fake but true.”

I’m old enough to remember the totally FORGED memo the press published to allegedly “prove” George W. Bush dodged his military service. When the memo was debunked, they said it didn’t matter cuz “fake but true.”

I wonder how that argument flies in a real court room. And by “real” I mean NOT one where the judge is a left-wing activist with the morals and legal acumen of a hyena.




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  1. Ting

    This kind of stuff is getting really old. It works on a lot of people, though, so it is going to be hard to get these dishonest brokers to change their ways.

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  2. “The Obama administration prosecuted nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants between FY 2010-FY2016. They referred 1/5 of illegals for prosecution, which often resulted in family separations.”
    Here Are the Photos of Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Detention Facilities the Media Won’t Show You

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