Immigration, Part Two

WHITE HOUSE STATEMENT: The Trump Administration did not create a policy of separating families at the border. Sec. Nielsen tackled misinformation at today’s press briefing.

TUCKER WAS REALLY ON A ROLL: “We could strengthen our borders to keep illegals out. We could fund more immigration courts to process those who sneak through anyway. We could even build more holding facilities at the border to allow families to stay together while their asylum claims are processed. The left isn’t interested in any of that. Their only solution is immediate amnesty for anyone who crosses our borders with a minor in tow. That’s the same as no borders at all.”

NEW BORDER BILL: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, introduced emergency legislation to end family separation at the border that would double the number of federal immigration judges to 750, authorize new temporary shelters to accommodate families, and provide for expedited processing of asylum cases. Let’s see if Democrats step up to the plate on this one.

VIRTUE SIGNALING: For Father’s Day, Planned Parenthood tweeted: “In our hearts and minds today: all of the fathers and parents who have been separated from their children at borders. Keep families together.” Riiiight. They separate children from their parents 876 times a day. But hey, it’s lucrative. PP’s most recent fiscal report shows they slaughtered their way to a record $1.46 billion in revenues.

HYPOCRITE: Pro-abortion Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) described the administration’s “no tolerance” policies as biblically “evil,” and pompously declared that she sees herself as wearing the “armor of God.” This would be somewhat impressive if she (a) didn’t advocate abortion on demand for any or no reason whatsoever, and, (b) didn’t know she would get a total pass from the media for that “armor of God” remark. Remember when Republican VP Pence was declared mentally ill because he prays? Yeah … that’s the difference a D or an R makes after your name.

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