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Let’s try and remember that the “illegal” in “illegal immigration” means these people have all deliberately and knowingly broken the law.

2018_06 18 DOC separating families by Terrell


#1. Trump Created Separation of Children from Illegal Immigrant Parents.

Nope. The federal government did this under Clinton.

#2. Immigrants Seeking Asylum Are Being Punished for Seeking Asylum.

Nope. Immigrants who come to points of entry to seek asylum aren’t arrested or separated from their children. Illegal aliens who get caught are also not separated from their kids, provided they choose deportation. If they choose to apply for asylum, a process that usually takes longer than 20 days, the law (see #1) says their kids have to be removed.

#3. The Trump Facilities Are Awful Thanks to Trump.

Nope. The pictures they’re showing are from 2014, when Obama was president.

FROM FACEBOOK: “Funny, I don’t recall liberals running around quoting the Bible during the debates about gay marriage, transgendered bathrooms, or abortion. Why now on illegal immigration?” … “They also forget that you will be judged at the pearly gates before you are let in. Which means 1) proper vetting, and 2) there is a wall with a gate for no unauthorized entry.”

ALSO THIS: “One of the reasons that children are separated from incarcerated adults at the border (this is the illegal alien thing), is that a lot of those adults are NOT their actual parents. Child Trafficking is a huge problem worldwide, and has long been a noted problem at our borders. The separation is part of the review to ensure that those children actually should be with those adults. People decrying this separation are unintentionally advocating for children to be kept with the predators who abuse them and sell them to others for lives of horror and misery.” -ZMalfoy

AND THIS: The morons yelling that Trump is “literally like Hitler” need to remember that BILL CLINTON DID THIS:

BIG FAT HYPOCRITES: Senator Schumer is opposing the GOP’s immigration bill that would end the existing family separation policy. Of course, if they helped a GOP-majority Congress pass a bill that fixed the problem, they’d lose one of their precious anti-Trump talking points. Even worse, it would … horrors! … be a bill that Trump got to sign. Can’t have THAT.

WHAT HE SAID: “Why don’t the Democrats give us the votes to fix the world’s worst immigration laws? Where is the outcry for the killings and crime being caused by gangs and thugs coming into our country illegally? CHANGE THE LAWS!” – President Trump

FAUX COMPASSION: Remember when those pictures of kids in cages came out in 2014? Remember hearing anyone caterwauling about how Obama was totally like Hitler? Me neither. Shocking, isn’t it, that the party of abortion on demand doesn’t actually give a crap about kids?

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