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Let’s hear it for FATHERS!

2018_06 17 Father's Day

JUST A THOUGHT: Despite my having loads of rude stuff in my social media about how much I disliked both the Obamas, I routinely got offers to wish them a happy birthday/anniversary/mother’s-father’s day. I clicked on a couple of them and found they required one pony up the $$ for the privilege of signing the “card.” President Trump’s birthday was last week on Flag Day and today is Father’s Day. Despite having loads of stuff in my social media showing me to be a Trump fan, I haven’t gotten a single thing offering me the opportunity to wish him a happy whatever (while donating to the GOP).


1. Working with allies to liberate territory occupied by ISIS. In December, the Iraqi government announced all Iraqi territory had been freed from ISIS control.

2. Responding forcefully to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. In April, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France launched strikes against targets associated with Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities.

3. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, called for by Congress since 1994, officially opened last month.

4. Withdrawing from the unacceptable Iran deal. President Trump ended U.S. participation in the deal and directed his Administration to begin re-imposing sanctions.

5. Taking a bold first step to completely, verifiably, and irreversibly denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. Before the talks, Kim Jong Un had already released three detained Americans and appears to have closed his nuclear test site.

SHRILL CHIHUAHUA YAPS: There is nothing Trump can do that will not provoke the Left to behave like the manic lap dogs they are. Pelosi last August: “The United States must respond to the North Korean nuclear threat by working with other nations including Russia and China to enforce the new United Nations sanctions and must join with our allies to advance a diplomatic solution.” Trump followed this recipe nearly verbatim. Pelosi is bitching anyway, saying he hasn’t done it right. Or something.

2018_06 17 In this life

BWAHAHA! Senator Lindsey Graham went on CNN to discuss President Trump’s historic meetings with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore. The CNN hosts were not used to Graham praising President Trump. He snapped back at them, “If you don’t like me working with President Trump to make the world a better place, I don’t give a sh*t.”

IMMIGRATION REFORM: The swamp-dwellers talk about it, but never seem to actually DO anything about it. Lately, one of the big Dem talking points is how “Trump” is separating illegal alien children from their parents. Except, the law requiring this was passed by Democrats. Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller says Trump supports current Republican efforts to pass two separate immigration bills.

PUSHING BACK AGAINST POLITICAL TRANSINSANITY: For boys to compete against girls is not fair and not just and not right. It’s about time somebody said something.

CALIFORNIA: Voters across California might have the chance to decide in November on a proposal to split up the Golden State into three new ones.

2018_06 17 Caviezel abortion

MAJORITY STILL OPPOSED: The results of the latest Gallup poll about abortion are consistent with Gallup’s findings since it first started surveying Americans about the issue in 2001.

  • 43% believe abortion is morally acceptable.
    • 29% say abortion should be legal in all cases.
  • 48% believe abortion is morally wrong.
    • 18% say abortion should be illegal in all cases.
    • 50% say it should be legal only under certain circumstances, with the majority defining these as “only a few” rather than “most” circumstances.

SUING PLANNED PARENTHOOD: This video is worth your time. Brian Hurley, the attorney who represented two minors who were raped and impregnated by men who were later convicted. In both cases, Planned Parenthood performed abortions on these girls and returned them to their abusers. Their stories represent a long, systemic pattern of ignoring sexual abuse by the largest abortion provider in America.

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