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Pete did a superb job of covering the BIGGEST NEWS STORY OF THE DAY! I’ll just give my nod to it by noting that the New York Post honored the seriousness of the event with a no-jokes cover.

2018_06 11 NY Post cover

FACT CHECK FOR SNEERING LEFTIES: Barack Obama gave the Iranian regime $50 billion and a pallet of cash, but did not even get the Iranian regime to SIGN the nuclear agreement.

NORK! NORK! Stilton is in fine form on Trump’s NoKo achievement … “Based on the progress made, it seems that Kim Jung Un is a little more willing to deal with a President who takes a tough stance (“I will bomb you so bigly that your entire country will be like molten lava spraying from the devil’s butthole”) rather than the more nuanced approach affected by Barack Obama. And by nuanced, we mean acting like a prissy pantywaist when he watched North Korea launch test missiles towards Hawaii on the freaking 4th of July and still gave no more reaction than a cocked eyebrow, pursed lips, and an exasperated sigh.”

KEEP IT UP, HOLLYWOOD!: MSNBC’S host Joe Scarborough and political reporter Kasie Hunt agreed that the vulgar remarks Robert de Niro made about President Trump at the Tony Awards, and the standing ovation he got for them, will help Trump get re-elected.

NET NEUTRALITY ENDED: And the internet still works. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai explains that the FCC will still protect consumers and that the end of net neutrality may actually give birth to a BETTER internet.

TWITTER CEO APOLOGIZES FOR EATING AT CHICK-FIL-A: “Imagine trying to explain this headline to someone living in a third-world country. ‘Well, some people were outraged because this billionaire ate a chicken sandwich at a restaurant owned by someone who believes what his church teaches about marriage. Pretty big deal.'” James Hasson, The Federalist

JOE BIDEN GETS HECKLED: A heckler at a Biden book signing was booed when he shouted, “What about the girls you molested?” Clearly, the Left’s #MeToo “concern” for the victims of sexual predators does not extend to all the little girls Joe Biden has publicly pawed.

JOE BIDEN IS A PIG: This video is just one of many in which Biden showed his true colors. He never pays the slightest attention to the little boy, but pursues the little girl, positions her in front of his crotch, and continuously paws her.

GET OFF THE COUCH: “Physical activity and prescribed exercise … together play a major role in the prevention of the most deadly chronic diseases modern humans face (Booth et al., 2002).”

PRAYERS FOR KUDLOW: National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow was hospitalized after suffering a “very mild” heart attack. He is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery. Kudlow, a pro-life Catholic, was a star on CNBC before joining the Trump administration.

THE CATHOLIC DIFFERENCE: A new study that examined the behavior of thousands of students at public, private, and Catholic schools found that Catholic school students were “more likely to control their temper, respect others’ property, accept their fellow students’ ideas, and to handle peer pressure.”

AMAZING AND SHAMEFUL: A VERY popular Humanities program was shut down, because too many students were converting to Catholicism. This, despite the fact that the investigation showed the professors were NOT proselytizing!

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  1. The article about Catholic schools reminded me of something I had almost forgotten. About fifty years ago, my big brother was a professional photographer who was often called on to do school pictures — one of his least favorite gigs. He was an agnostic by that point (we all had been raised strict Evangelical Protestant), but he couldn’t help noticing how polite, respectful, and well-behaved the students were at the Catholic schools, especially in contrast to the public school kids. The public school kids were typically obnoxious, while the Catholic school kids were courteous, called him “Sir,” cooperated with instructions, offered to help him carry his camera equipment, etc. Agnostic though he was, my brother couldn’t help being impressed.

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