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Behold the Peacemaker

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President Trump signed a historic document early this morning as Kim Jong Un agreed to begin the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. I was delivering papers this morning and heard the entire press conference. This is a man who will not be intimidated, gives better than he gets, and is nobody’s fool.

Sanctions on NoKo will remain in place and American troops will not leave the DMZ unless or until Kim can verify that he’s actually doing what he agreed to. Trump even got in a dig about getting Americans released without paying $1.8 million in cash. The press must have loved that.



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Eat Your Veggies!

If you’re one of those people who thinks that President Donald Trump subsists only on junk food, well, one look at his White House chef, Andre Rush, is going to dispel all your thoughts regarding that. Let’s just say … he works out. 🙂

As Joe Simonson pointed out at The Daily Caller, you could easily confuse Rush “for a refrigerator in the kitchen.”


Barack Obama’s chef was Sam Kass. He appeared on a lot of daytime talk shows and was on Food Network numerous times. He married MSLSD anchor Alex Wagner. The Obamas attended the wedding.

President Trump’s chef won’t be invited anywhere. He doesn’t seem to care.

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