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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

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Merkel, Macron, May, and Trudeau had plotted to bully Trump at the G7. They still haven’t figured out this ain’t Obama they’re messing with. He made a living in one of the bloodiest cutthroat businesses in the world. Deal on his terms or pound sand. He doesn’t care. Continue reading


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What is a contronym?

2018_06 10 Contronym seed

Contronyms are words that have contradictory meanings, such as:

  • “Dust” can mean “to remove dust” or “to cover with dust.”
  • “Strike” can mean “to hit” or “to miss (as in baseball).”
  • “Moot” can mean “debatable” or “not worth debating.”
  • “Weather” can mean “to withstand a storm” or “to be worn away by weather (or time).”
  • “Screen” can mean “to show something (like a film)” or “to hide something.”
  • “Sanction” can mean “to approve” or “to boycott.”
  • “Apology” can mean “an expression of regret” or “a defense or justification.”

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