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2018_06 Left Miss America Porn

BLACKS ARE NOTICING: President Trump recently pardoned Alice Johnson, a 63-year-old grandmother and first time offender, who was given a life sentence with no chance of parole over a non-violent drug charge. Trump also issued a pardon posthumously for heavyweight champion boxer, Jack Johnson, who was convicted on an old, racist law called the Mann Act, which banned a black man from transporting a white woman across state lines for “immoral purposes.” Johnson married the woman in question. The key point in both these cases is that the convicted were both African-Americans whose pleas for pardon were REJECTED BY OBAMA … who pardoned more criminals than any president since FDR, including hundreds of drug dealers.

2018_06 He's not my pilot

TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Nancy Pelosi has been giving a great, big “So What?!” to last month’s RECORD LOW unemployment numbers. Now Bill Maher tells Democrats they need to root for … wait for it … a RECESSION. “Sorry if that hurts people,” he said. His audience applauded. This is how much they hate Donald Trump being in the White House!

2001_09 11 Tower

IRAN KNOWINGLY ASSISTED WITH 9/11: A senior Iranian official has finally admitted what the U.S. has long believed. I.e., Iran secretly helped the 9/11 terrorists. The official said Iran gave the terrorists secret refuge in with no “Iran” stamps on their passports.  The U.S. government has not formally commented.

2018_06 08 Trump tweet - we don't need Schumer

NEWT GINGRICH SAYS WHAT DEAREST AND I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR MONTHS: President Donald J. Trump knows that his tweets drive the media crazy — that’s part of the reason he does it. He is extremely smart, and while the media has been busy obsessing over Trump’s tweets, the President has been busy leading our country’s great comeback.

BABY STEPS: Late Thursday night, House Republicans approved $15 billion worth of spending cuts in a tiny step to make up for that $1.3 trillion omnibus package passed earlier this year. All but 19 Republicans and zero Democrats voted for it. It has to pass the Senate before it can go to the president.

LEAKER CHARGED: The DOJ has announced that James Wolfe is being charged with lying to FBI investigators in December 2017 when he denied he had leaked classified information to three reporters. His job at the time was to maintain all classified information the Executive Office gave to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

COFFEE CREAMER?! Children of God for Life tracks products that use fetal cells. Pressure from consumers has led to companies changing this practice. The group also offers humane alternatives. The disturbing part? This list includes spices and coffee creamers! What the h……….

NOKO: Bo Bin Kim and Heeon-A Ji escaped from North Korea and they are talking. Kim says she was forced to abort her unborn baby without an anesthetic. Ji says she watched many women being forced to abort their unborn babies in prison labor camps.

SUICIDE: Suicide rates are rising among American women, but a new study shows that Protestant women who worship weekly at church are far less likely to take their own lives than are women who seldom or never attend services. Yet, these same devout Protestant women were seven times more likely to die by their own hand than their devout Catholic sisters. I believe it. When I was a teenager, I became seriously depressed and suicidal. It was ONLY the fact that I was raised Catholic and taught from birth that suicide is a mortal sin that kept me from acting on my feelings.

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