HYPOCRISY ALERT: Presidential Pardons

Click on the title or “Continue reading” to see some of the most heinous of Bill Clinton’s presidential pardons.

REALITY CHECK for all the libtards who went postal over Donald Trump pardoning Dinesh D’Souza … Bill Clinton pardoned 450 people, one third of them on his last day in office. They included:

  • Roger Clinton (half brother, cocaine possession)
  • Carlos Vignali (client of brother-in-law Hugh Rodham, cocaine distribution)
  • A. Glenn Braswell (client of brother-in-law Hugh Rodham, fraud, perjury)
  • Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory (clients of brother-in-law Tony Rodham, bank fraud)
  • Robert Fain and James Manning (clients of Hillary’s Senate campaign treasurer, tax fraud)
  • Marc Rich (husband of half million Clinton donor, international fugutive wanted on multiple counts)

Also, 16 members of the deadly (130 bombings) FALN Puerto Rican terrorist group and Los Macheteros. BECAUSE Eric Holder asked him to. Nearly two decades later, Obama pardoned another FALN terrorist, AGAIN at Holder’s request.


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