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2018_06 07 Sucks LOL

You go, Country Time! Find out more at

CtH: A thread in my Facebook “Fermenting: Healing Through Food” group got me reminiscing.

Wow has healthy eating gotten easy since we started back in the 80s! In February 1984, I spent a month in an Environmental Control Unit. Got a very clear EI/MCS diagnosis and treatment plan that included MUST EAT ORGANIC.

They fed me a bunch of organic foods, one at a time, to see what I tolerated. The yeast only and soy only meals were … penitential. Anyway, then they gave me my best tolerated food (carrots) in a non-organic form. My legs became paralyzed.

But it was FEBRUARY in central New York and there was no such thing as commercial organic food. The local EI/MCS community rifled through the organic foods they’d put up themselves and gave me whatever they could spare to get me through to summer.

It still makes me tear up just remembering it. :-)““`

2018_06 07 Liberal Hypocrisy climate abortion

ANOTHER PRO LIFE APPOINTMENT: Trump has appointed Dr. Diane Foley, a pro-life OBGYN, to the position in HHS that oversees Title X Family Planning funds. A new Trump rule bans Title X funds for any group that does abortions.

2018_06 07 Myths

PBLT OBAMA: He said the jobs were never coming back. Ha! The Labor Department reports that, for the first time since such record-keeping began in 2000, the number of available positions exceeded the number of job seekers.

CHUCK SCHUMER: #MeToo is important, but Bill Clinton ruining Monica Lewinsky’s life is too yesterday to waste time talking about.

TUCKER CARLSON: “If it’s wrong for illegal aliens to be separated from their kids when they commit a crime, why is not wrong for American citizens to be separated from their kids when they commit a crime?”2016 Illegal immigration toon by Branco

2018_06 07 Baldwin tweet

IDENTITY POLITICS: Democrats are facing a serious lack of narrative this fall. It’s hard to run against a thriving economy, more money in Americans’ pockets, all while openly pushing to raise taxes on 80% of Americans. Naturally, they’re turning to their rusty, trusty favorite … cuz OF COURSE eeevil, narrow-minded, h8-filled Republicans want Baldwin out because she’s a lesbian and a female, not because she’s, you know, a Democrat. Besides, pulling the identity card worked so well last election season. Oh wait. Donald Trump. ::coughcough::

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