Valerie, Barack, and Michelle

2018_06 Jarrett moves into Obama's new home

Valerie Jarrett and Barack and Michelle Obama go way back. Jarrett is the reason Obama moved to Chicago; she got Michelle Obama a job as assistant in city hall working for Mayor Daley. When Obama became president, he made Jarrett his chief adviser at the White House. Nowadays, she is living at the Obama’s house, where she’s working with the Obamas to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

Valerie Jarrett was also the slum lord who mismanaged Grove Parc to the point where it was considered better to demolish it than try to make it decent housing again. Grove Parc was in Obama’s State Senate district. Its inhabitants were blacks, the very people Jarrett and Obama claimed to care so much about.

In a major investigation, The Boston Globe found the following regarding Grove Parc: “About 99 of the units are vacant, many rendered uninhabitable by unfixed problems, such as collapsed roofs and fire damage. Mice scamper through the halls. Battered mailboxes hang open. Sewage backs up into kitchen sinks. In 2006, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex an 11 on a 100-point scale — a score so bad the buildings now face demolition.”

And later: “Grove Parc and several other prominent failures were developed and managed by Obama’s close friends and political supporters. Those people profited from the subsidies even as many of Obama’s constituents suffered.”

It was so bad that a maintenance worker at Grove Parc says money often wasn’t even available for steel wool to plug rat holes.

Valerie Jarrett also served as vice chair of Chicago’s 2016 Summer Olympics bid committee before moving to the White House, where she was put in charge of a new White House Office of Olympic, Paralympic and Youth Sport.

Remember when Barack and Michelle went to Copenhagen to promote Chicago as an Olympic site? If they’d succeeded, the proposed $1 Billion Olympic Village would’ve been subsidized with taxpayer money and built on properties that were owned and had been ruined by Valerie Jarrett. She would have made MILLIONS.

The last block of the Grove Parc housing project was demolished in August 2014.



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  1. Milady and I ran a couple of apartment buildings in Chicago for about fourteen years. Kept the buildings in great shape, tried to keep tenants happy. (One realtor looked at our rents and called Milady the “Mother Theresa of Uptown.” A bit extreme, but comparatively….) We did okay, but hardly got rich.

    We were obviously doing it wrong.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Dearest and I were also compassionate, responsible landlords for some years. The guy we bought the place from was awful. One day, a new tenant who waitressed at a local cop diner said she’d been telling a regular about her new apartment and he was aghast. “That landlord is AWFUL. We get called out to that place for disturbances and it’s usually the LANDLORD who’s the problem!” She said, “Gosh, they seem so nice.” “They?” “Yeah, it’s a young couple.” “Which unit do you live in?” “2.” “Oh good. That’s where the awful landlord lived. He must’ve sold and moved. Lucky for you!” 🙂 He wasn’t kidding about that guy. He was a NIGHTMARE. Our lawyer was a very low key guy, but he was so angry after all the b.s. this guy pulled at our closing that, as we were walking back to his office, he cussed the whole way!

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