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Valerie, Barack, and Michelle

2018_06 Jarrett moves into Obama's new home

Valerie Jarrett and Barack and Michelle Obama go way back. Jarrett is the reason Obama moved to Chicago; she got Michelle Obama a job as assistant in city hall working for Mayor Daley. When Obama became president, he made Jarrett his chief adviser at the White House. Nowadays, she is living at the Obama’s house, where she’s working with the Obamas to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. Continue reading


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Another Media Hit Job

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They never stop.

The Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles decided to insult the president by not accepting his invitation to visit the White House. He uninvited them after being informed that less than 10 of 56 players would attend, to protest his criticism of them turning their workplace into a platform for their whining about “racial inequality.” The media was praying for a photo op of Trump with a few players. He didn’t take the bait. He told them all to pound sand. Instead he will honor the real heroes in the military. The headlines today blare: TRUMP CANCELS VISIT!! INSULTS ALL AMERICANS!!

Trump Cancels Eagles Reception Over National Anthem Protests

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