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2018_05 18 Don't text and drive

SPEAKING OF WRECKS: Over just three months this year, New York City’s “sanctuary city” policy caused 440 dangerous criminal illegals to be released. FORTY of these thugs, who had no business being free to re-offend on U.S. soil, went on to commit more crimes. IN JUST THREE MONTHS. Thanks, Democrats!

WOOHOO!! SCOTUS VOTES FOR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS: The Supreme Court has ruled 7-2 in favor of Colorado baker and devout Christian Jack Phillips, who declined to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple five years ago due to deeply held religious objections. Justices Kennedy, Roberts, Alito, Breyer, Kagan, Gorsuch and Thomas ruled in favor of Phillips. Ginsburg and Sotomayor voted against.

YAY FREE MARKET: Following Monday’s SCOTUS ruling, one baker says she’s going to open a gays-only cake shop. Gee, how much better off we’d all be if this is what gay activists had done IN THE FIRST PLACE. I mean, seriously. I have NO problem with a wedding vendor who refuses service to heterosexual couples. Sheesh.

OKIES FOR THE WIN: Last month, Oklahoma passed a law that allows adoption and foster care agencies to reject same-sex couples on religious grounds. California issued a nyah nyah ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to Oklahoma. A Sooner spokesman said nuts to the increasingly tarnished Golden State. “There appears to be more and more Californians sharing our values as we are seeing more Californians move to Oklahoma. With our state’s economy being as strong as it is, we won’t miss a few Californians traveling on state business showing up in our state.”

KEEPING PROMISES: So far, President Trump has cut 24,000 employees from the federal rolls. If the average federal employee’s wages and benefits are approximately $100,000, that would be $2.4 billion saved.

VIVA LA RESISTANCE: Some dingbat used her own feces to write “F*CK TRUMP” on the bathroom counter top. Then she photographed and tweeted it out to the whole world.

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