Deja Virtue

2018_05 30 Lefty Lucy re Starbucks

Starbucks closed for a day so their employees could attend “unconscious racial bias” training. IOW, they lost income (and probably customers) while paying employees and “trainers.”

Stilton Jarslberg wisely notes that these trainers are con artists whose “services” cannot be assessed in any real way. If the racial bias lurking in Starbucks employees’ hearts and minds is UNCONSCIOUS, then there is absolutely NO WAY TO DETERMINE IF THE TRAINING HELPS.

They might as well be charging each location $2000 to scare away invisible tigers. Can anyone prove their services aren’t working? And is the web domain for still available?

“Of course, the real purpose of the training isn’t to aid race relations. Rather, it’s a very expensive bit of well publicized virtue signaling intended to showcase the idea that Starbucks is absolutely, positively, not racist when it comes to overcharging suckers for coffee.

“At least, not consciously.”

2018_05 31 Starbucks logo by Terrell


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